PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Another witness in Anthony Sanborn’s 1992 trial for the murder of Jessica Briggs recanted his testimony.

Glenn Brown is the second state witness to say they lied on the witness stand. The state’s key witness Hope Cady testified back in April that she lied when she testified she witnessed Sanborn stab Briggs. That led to Sanborn being released on bail.

Tuesday was an emotional day in court for Anthony Sanborn as another witness who help put him in prison nearly 30-years ago recanted his testimony. Sanborn wiped away tears and shook his head as Glenn Brown testified he lied during the original trial.

Brown testified back then, that on the night of the murder, Sanborn showed him a buck knife and said he was looking for Jessica Briggs. After the murder Brown said Sanborn said she had been stabbed. Brown said he questioned how Sanborn knew that, because that information wasn’t on the news.

Brown testified Tuesday Sanborn never told him that Briggs was stabbed. In fact he said statements he made and his testimony back then were all lies.

When asked why he lied, Brown said he was nervous about going back to jail. He was facing several charges at the time, including theft and assault. He said he thought if he testified a certain way he could avoid jail.

Outside the courthouse Brown was asked what he would say to Anthony Sanborn now. "I feel bad. I'm sorry", Brown said.

Wednesday started off with former Portland detective James Daniels back on the stand. Daniels testified he was involved in taking Brown's original statement. Daniels was questioned at length by the defense last week. The state is expected to have its first opportunity to question Daniels today