PITTSTON (NEWSCENTER MAINE) -- The biggest cause of serious accidents among Fourth of July revelers is alcohol. It's particularly important for those shooting off fireworks to be at the top of their abilities.

So says Steven Marson of Pyron City Maine. He owns eight fireworks stores and also performs shows under the business name Central Maine Pyrotechnics.

His most important rule is to fire off a flat surface.

It's also important to secure fireworks that shoot into the air in order to ensure that they go in the correct direction. He recommends using cement blocks pinched against the side of the fireworks containers to do this.

Planning the show, keeping spectators 75 feet back and gathering proper safety equipment are also eye on the list.

People who fire off fireworks should protect their eyes, ears and heads.

Other tips includ lighting only one firework at a time and make sure that any ball be placed in the tube with a flat side down and the fuse up.

He also warns that users to abandon and firework that does not go off after the fuse is lit. "Drown them all in a bucket of water when you're done," he told NEWSCENTER Maine.

The biggest cause of injuries is sparklers. They burn at a temperature of over a thousand degrees and often scar kids' hands or injure their eyes.

"There's no reason to hold a sparkler. You can just stick in the ground, light it and step back to watch it. It's just as much fun," he said.

Marson points our that fireworks are safer now than every before, however, keeping one's wits about them when shooting off fireworks is essential for a safe Fourth of July.