RICHMOND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A homeowner in Richmond says he had to use his gun to protect himself and his girlfriend from an intruder.

But even after being shot - the man refused to leave.

“We tried everything we could to get him out so I mean - that was our last resort, really,” said homeowner Lindsey Levasseur.

Trevor Whitney says he was getting ready for work when a man walked through his open door.

“He just stares at me and I stare at him. I'm like 'Who are you?' and he goes, 'Who are you?'” he said.

Police say the intruder was 42-year-old Shad Hembree, who lived right down the street.

But homeowners Lindsey Levasseur and Trevor Whitney say they've never seen him.

Whitney did get him to leave the home at first, by grabbing his pistol off the kitchen table and pointing it towards the intruder.

“He definitely looked scared,” Whitney said. “He kind of had tears coming out of his eyes. I just don't know what he wanted.”

But the couple says Hembree then came back - more erratic than before.

Levasseur says she hesitated to call 911, and that she wanted to help Hembree because he appeared unstable.

“He's in the middle of Maine with no shoes on,” said Levasseur. “Number one red flag. He needs some help.”

Once Hembree smashed his flashlight through their glass front door - Whitney says he knew he had to act.

“I was aiming at his face, and I just really didn't want to take his life - I just wanted to get him away from the situation,” said Whitney.

He shot Hembree in the shoulder instead, injuring him.

“I'm glad I was right there, right next to my pistol to defend myself,” said Whitney. “Because I don't know what would have happened.”

Police and the couple say Hembree still wouldn’t leave - he continued to stumble around the home, point flashlights in windows.

He ended up sitting on the porch bleeding until the police arrived.

Other than Hembree's injury, a broken door, and a smashed car window - the couple says the physical damage wasn't too bad.

“Definitely shooken up a little bit,” said Levasseur. “But I think we'll be fine. It'll be fine.”

Police say Hembree's injuries were not life threatening.

After he left the hospital, he was arrested and charged with burglary.