BANGOR (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- With the growing food truck trend, it can be difficult to find spots for all these mobile eats.

"With the growing popularity with food trucks, there's certainly always a demand for more space," Tracy Willette of Bangor Parks and Recreation said.

To open a food truck on city property, vendors have to:

  • Submit an application
  • Submit an association fee
  • Get a lunch wagon license from the city clerk's office
  • Get an inspection from the fire department
  • Pass state inspection
  • Pass health inspection

And after they do all of those things, it is first come first serve.

If a truck can't find a spot on city property, many of them look to private property.

"I think those venders are looking for any potential spaces," Willette said.

A new food truck in town is one of those on private property.

JJ's Jerk Shack is open once a week, on Thursday's and just opened three weeks ago. They're on the corner Essex and State Streets and say they have no problem being a stand alone truck.

"My mom raised me on a simple principal you know, you cook the food and you know what if the aromas are right, you'll get customers," Germaine Walker, co-owner of JJ's, said.

His wife Whitney agreed.

"I think the food speaks for itself," she added.

The walkers have spent quite sometime on their signature jerk recipe.

"You know we've spent years developing this reciepe together that now the community is loving. You know, this jerk seasoning we made from scratch." Whitney said.

As for the city of Bangor, expect to see new trucks popping up soon.