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Pulled over for noisy exhaust, man winds up running, hiding and eventually in jail

David Barret, 30, was arrested after he ran from police at a routine traffic stop.
David Barret of Dexter.

DEXTER (NEWS CENTER Maine) — When a deputy in Dexter pulled over a man in a loud pick-up truck for a seemingly minor offense of a not having a muffler, no one could have known he would end up being arrested and face five charges.

David Barrett, 30, of Dexter was pulled over because his truck did not seem to have an adequate exhaust system or muffler and was extremely loud, according to the York County Sheriff's Office.

When the truck pulled over, Barrett ran into a nearby home in the 200 block of Sokokis Trail. Officers later discovered that Barrett knew the homeowners. By the time deputies searched the home, Barrett had escaped out the bathroom window in the rear of the house.

Barrett was found apparently intoxicated and hiding in the woods behind some brush.

The York County Sheriff's Department says Barrett had a suspended license, was out on bail conditions and was not supposed to have or be drinking alcohol.

Barrett is being charged with five offenses: operating after suspension, felony operating under the influence, refusing to submit to arrest, violating conditions of release, and operating without a license.

Barrett is not eligible for bail and was also issued a warning for failing to have a vehicle inspection and operating with excessive exhaust noise.

Barrett will make his first court appearance via web video on Friday, July 13.

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