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Banned! No More Plastic Straws in Portland: City Council

Councilors vote to ban all plastic straws, stirrers and splash sticks at local restaurants and bars by 2021.

PORTLAND, Maine — Say goodbye to plastic straws in Maine's largest city. 

Portland city councilors voted unanimously on Monday to ban all plastic straws at local restaurants and bars. 

Businesses will now only be able to give out plastic straws, stirrers or splash sticks if a customer specifically asks for one starting in April. 

The products will be banned entirely by January 2021.

The only exceptions would be for customers with disabilities or straws included in pre-packaged beverages.

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Portland is the first city in Maine to take such action in an effort to be more eco-friendly by cutting down on plastic waste.

Many restaurants in the city have already embraced the idea on their own by using reusable straws or products made of renewable resources like corn or bamboo.

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