PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Tax Day brought out activists who were looking to raise awareness about what they call "irresponsible" spending.

Because of Emancipation Day and Patriot's Day, Mainers had until today, April 19, to file their taxes.

A protest was held in Congress Square in Portland to ask leaders to spend less on the military, and more on human and environmental needs.

Activists say the Pentagon budget drains the resources needed for our communities. They believe the government can better protect its citizens by using less tax money for weapons, and more for education and health care.

"We send that money in thinking it's going to be used for the common good," event organizer Roalie Paul said. "That's what we've been taught to believe as we grow up, that we each have a share toward the common good. But instead, our government seems to want to spend in on building this really violent system of warring."

The rally was part of a global day of action on military spending.