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Portland fire station uses social media to help educate the community

The Bramhall Fire Station will be posting a variety of information on Facebook this week to educate the community about what they do.

PORTLAND, Maine — The Portland Fire Department's Bramhall Station will be posting some educational content on its Facebook page this week.

The man behind the page is firefighter Wendall Howard. He says in the coming days he's going to take some time to show folks all the different trucks and equipment at Bramhall Station. 

He says the goal is to explain to people what some fire trucks do and why they may be called to a specific scene.

"It's not just hopefully the whole city fire department on your block and why is it so many and why is it so few and hopefully that's the way the messages will be perceived is kind of the goal," Howard said. "Sometimes they tend to have questions why there are two fire trucks that come or four or five or what have you so we're just trying to use the social media platform to get some of that information out there."

These posts will be on the Bramhall Fire Station's page this coming week.