PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine)-- The Maine Republican Party is filing suit in federal court to try to nullify Ranked Choice Voting for the upcoming GOP gubernatorial primary.

NEWS CENTER Maine political analysts Phil Harriman and John Richardson tackle that and more this week on Political Brew.

Harriman, a former Republican state senator, says "This is a nomination, not an election. So I can see where the court may say 'Well, if you want to change how you nominate your candidate, you run it yourself.' Which means the Secretary of State could say to the party 'Here are all the ballots, you count 'em.'"

Richardson, an attorney and former Democratic Speaker of the House says all of this could have been avoided if the legislature created a runoff election system instead. He believes the legal challenge may fall on its face.

Our analysts also talk about the legislature adjourning for the year with a lot of work left undone.

Gov. LePage told NEWS CENTER Maine on Thursday that House Speaker Sara Gideon and Senate President Mike Thibodeau should resign over how things were handled.

Richardson says he thinks the governor is trying to be the "adult in the room." Richardson says "I guarantee you (LePage) is bringing them back for a special session after things cool down."

Harriman says "I think the governor is right in the sense that this is not the way the legislature should have ended its work." He believes legislators are likely hearing a lot from constituents about the many major issues left unresolved."

Harriman and Richardson also talk about the importance of 'TV advertising season' for the candidates for governor, and the revelations that President Trump did repay his attorney Michael Cohen $130,000 paid in hush money to an adult film actress, despite previous denials.

Political Brew airs Sunday on The Morning Report.