BIDDEFORD, Maine NEWS CENTER) -- A special message was seen by air in Scarborough Saturday afternoon.

Richard Pate of Biddeford hired a plane, which took off from the Biddeford Airport with a banner.

The banner read "Commissioner Goodell - jet home to New York." That is in response to the deflate-gate scandal, and the announcement earlier this week that Tom Brady will sit on the bench for the first 4 games of the regular NFL season.

While Pate wouldn't say how much it cost - he said the banner is worth every penny.

"I went over to [a pilot] and asked if he'd be willing to fly a banner, and he was more than happy to..." Pate said. "You know, the irony is I don't remember the Jets winning many Superbowls, maybe one back in the 60s."

Pate said he wants to hire the plane to fly that banner again Sunday or Monday.