CUMBERLAND, Maine — A group of first-year students at UNE's College of Pharmacy are being exposed to the world of veterinary medicine by donating their time to an animal shelter.

More than half a dozen first-year students are spending 20 hours a week at the HART of Maine Adoption Center and Shelter for Cats

The shelter currently houses more than 60 cats, many of which are rescued from throughout the state. Students say the hands-on experience is helping them consider pursuing veterinary pharmacy following graduation. 

They are learning how to administer insulin and antibiotics, set up IV bags for hydration, and compound medication.  

"I am going to get more used to using syringes, needles and get a feel of how your treatment is affecting people -- cats, in this case," said Evan Carrell, a student at UNE College of Pharmacy.

The student will volunteer during the school year until they graduate in about three years.

The most rewarding part of the experience is when cats with medical needs are adopted into loving homes.