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Person claiming to be driver assisted by Detective Campbell writes viral Facebook post

The post describes what the person claims they saw during the accident that killed the Maine state trooper, and thanks Detective Ben Campbell.

A post on Facebook with more than 12,000 shares and 15,000 likes appears to detail the final moments of Maine State Police Detective Ben Campbell’s life.

The author, using the Facebook account named “Ved Lok,” wrote the post at 1:38 a.m. on April 4, less than 12 hours after Det. Campbell had been identified by State Police.

State Police identified the driver as 26-year-old Robert Anthony of Clifton, Maine. On Monday, NEWS CENTER Maine confirmed via interview that "Ved Lok" is the screen-name for Robert Anthony.

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In Thursday's post, the author claimed to have spun out on I-95 South, called 911, and asked for help. The author claims Det. Campbell was the one who showed up.

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“You wore one of the warmest smiles I've ever seen. A smile that, without words, could give the world a moment of peace were it to look upon. I honestly felt safer in that moment as you stood by my drivers side window,” the author wrote.

“That changed. In a split second, I saw your smile turn to the breifest (sic) shade of concern as a logging semi came over the hill, before a tire came into my peripheral vision.”

The post goes on to describe that two tires had fallen off the truck, one hitting the author’s car, the other striking Det. Campbell.

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“Out of breath and still dizzy, I came to your side, pleading (sic) for you to wake up. You responded with a sound so haunting, I don't dare describe it out of respect,” the author wrote.

The author goes on to thank Det. Campbell.

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“I vow for as long as I live, I will never forget your smile. I will never forget your kindness. I will never forget your sacrifice.

I owe you a debt I don't think I can repay.

Rest in peace. May your soul find tranquility.”

NEWS CENTER Maine has reached out to the author of the post and received no response.

Department of Public Safety spokesperson Steve McCausland could not confirm or deny the validity of the post or its author.


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