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Parents of murdered children attend monument re-dedication

AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Parents of murdered children gathered at Holy Family Cemetery in Augusta Sunday afternoon for the unveiling and re-dedication of a monument in their children's honor.

The Maine Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children hosted the event. Director Art Jette said 13 names were added to the memorial this year, bringing the total to 107.

Jette read each of the 13 names aloud. Loved ones received a rose, and placed it at the base of the monument.

Included in those 13, were three who were killed in a triple-homicide suicide in Oakland last November.

Amanda Bragg, Michael Muzerolle, and Amy Derosby were all killed by Herman Derico, Derosby's boyfriend, according to State Police. Police said Bragg and Derosby were sisters. Muzerolle and Bragg lived together with their three-year-old daughter Arianna.

Jettee read "Amanda Lynn Bragg," and Bragg's mother Jackie approached.

"There are two other names that belong read along with this one," said Jette. He then reread "Amanda Lynn Bragg," followed by "Michael B.G. Muzerolle," and "Amy Michelle Derosby."

"It gives people an outlet to be able to have an opportunity to share in safe company with those who've had similar circumstances -- and be able to share stories about their loved one," said Jette. "We really, truly want people to be able to, when they're speaking about their loved one, to be able to have a smile come to their lips before a tear reaches their eyes."

Jackie Bragg said the tragedy is still fresh.

"It's still so soon," said Bragg. "They say, 'think of the good times,' but it's hard to think of the good times. 'Think of something fun that they did,' and you know, my mind goes blank. I just, I can't think of it."

Bragg said she attended the ceremony Sunday because her children would want her to be strong.

"They were great people. They didn't deserve this. They hadn't even been able to live their life yet. It's not fair," said Bragg.

Her friends said their "one saving grace," is that Amanda Bragg's daughter, Arianna, is doing well.

Bragg said a bench will soon be built in the town of Oakland to honor Bragg, Muzerolle, and Derosby.

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