MANCHESTER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Parents at Manchester Elementary School are furious because their children may have been breathing in mold and dust in the classroom.

The school reportedly did an air quality control test in November, after staff complained about excessive mold in the basement of the school. Tests showed the air was at a safe level, but a bio-remediation assessment showed that something needed to be done about the mold.

Over the winter break, the school did a full cleaning of the three affected classrooms.

Parents say some students have suffered from coughs and nosebleeds, although so far there is no medical proof that any illnesses were caused by the mold. They're upset the school didn't notice the mold problem earlier.

However, the school's maintenance director says he has only been on the job for six months, and already he's found a list of improvements that need to be made.

But he reminds parents that those improvements need time and money.

"I ask every one of you: when it comes budget time, come in there and help me. Because I can't fix this stuff, I can't make it right without money," he said.

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