SANFORD, Maine — A dozen women in York County who knit hats, mittens, and scarves all year round for those in need say their bank of yarn has almost run dry. 

Twelve women meet every Tuesday at the York County Community Action Corporation (YCCAC) in Sanford knitting items to keep Mainers warm through the winter months. Ericka Sanborn of YCCAC says the volunteers create about almost 700 winter items a year that are dispersed to different community groups, WIC and Head Start participants, and are available in a basket at the YCCA lobby. 

But the women who usually have a steady flow of yarn donations are down to their last skeins. They are reaching out to Mainers for help, asking on social media for brightly-colored 4-ply acrylic yarn/knitting worsted weight.

Sanborn says the group, that has been knitting for five years has grown over the years from just three women. 

"They put a lot of love into their work," says Sanborn. 

For more information contact Ericka Sanborn at (207) 459-2938 at YCCAC.  

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