The telethon has ended. Thank you to all who donated! Here's the total breakdown:

Viewer donations = $79,311

207 neon sign = $3,750

NEWS CENTER Maine Match = $3,750

Hannaford donation = $23,540

Honda donation = $23,540

Previous received donations = $25,912

Total = $159,803 (639,212 meals)

Total with $7,620 in pledged checks = $167,423 (669,692 meals)

More than 200,000 Mainers are food insecure, lacking access to an adequate amount of nutritious food to live a healthy life. Maine ranks No. 7 in the nation and first in New England for food insecurity.

We can change that — together.

NEWS CENTER Maine launched Feed Maine in September 2017 with a goal to raise enough money to supply 1 million meals to the people of Maine when and where they need it, ultimately to end food insecurity in our state. We won't stop until that goal is reached.

Join us today for the Feed Maine telethon from 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


- Portland area: 855-875-4328

- Bangor area: 855-874-9529

or donate online at

You could own the 207 sign

Don't forget about our auction! The original neon sign is up for sale, and all proceeds benefit Feed Maine.

Designed specifically for the weekday magazine show program in 2003, the sign hung on the famous brick wall for more than 14 years, shining a light on thousands of guests from senators to sword swallowers to rock and roll hall of fame musicians.

Bidding closes Thursday at 2 p.m. Winner will be announced on 207.

How much should I donate?

Every $1 you give to the Feed Maine program, Good Shepherd Food Bank is able to distribute four meals to hungry people. For example, a donation of $100 equals 400 meals, $250 equals 1,000 meals and $250,000 meets our goal of 1 million meals.

Where does my money go?

All money raised goes to the Feed Maine program, where NEWS CENTER Maine has partnered with Good Shepherd Food Bank to raise 1 million meals for Mainers.

From every dollar: 95 cents goes toward the distribution of food, which includes sourcing donated food, purchasing food, inspection, sorting, packing backpacks and senior boxes and shipment throughout the state; 5 cents goes toward fundraising and administration.

Notable facts, statistics and rankings

- Every day, Good Shepherd Food Bank uses a fleet of nine trucks to pick up and distribute food throughout the entire state

- 73% of people served by Good Shepherd Food Bank's network report having to make difficult tradeoffs, like choosing between paying for food or paying for utilities, rent, medical care

- 35% of households served by Good Shepherd Food Bank's network contain children, 40 percent contain seniors. 50% contain people with disabilities, 87% contain children, seniors and people with disabilities.

- 21%, 1 in every 5 children, are food insecure (55,000)

- 12% of Maine seniors are food insecure

- 7th in the nation, first in New England for food insecurity

- 16th in the nation, first in New England for child food insecurity