PORTLAND, Maine — Cancer can stop you in your tracks. Fighting it becomes the most important thing in a person's life. Instantly, everything else on your priority list goes down a notch. That's what happened to Liz Beiber. She's a talented photographer, but her art has had to take a backseat. But, with the help of the Dempsey Center in South Portland, she's fighting and living and getting in closer touch with the things and the people she loves.

Liz's life as a photographer has taken her to the far corners of the earth. Her pictures show her passion for and interest in everyday people from all walks of life. But, since Liz's breast cancer diagnosis a year ago, she's shelved her passport. She's still shooting pictures, but more often than not her subject is her three-year-old son. You've heard the saying, "it's a blessing and a curse"?  That's just how she sees it.

Liz says, "in some ways, it's been a real gift because I've been able to spend more time with my son. You know, but it definitely affected my career, but that's okay."

Liz Beiber's cancer is aggressive. She's been in chemotherapy for a year, and she'll need endocrine treatments for the next five to ten years. She sings the praises of her doctors and the amazing folks at the Dempsey Center in South Portland.  She's taken advantage of a plethora of offerings there.

Liz says, "you walk in and it has a real family feeling to it. There's usually John or Morgan there. Lovely people and they always tell you what's going on. Things that are available. There are classes. I've gone to support groups that are specifically for breast cancer. They have great massage therapists there too."

Liz is adding a Dempsey nutrition class this fall, and she's signed up for acupuncture too. "They've just been so amazing and so progressive", Liz says of the Dempsey Center. 

Liz might be fighting cancer, but the smile on her face tells you it's given her perspective. Her little boy needs her, and so she's not going anywhere. When she's tired from chemo or just having a down day, she leans on her husband John and on the people of the Dempsey Center. And, she leans on her son of course.  He's her muse and her reason for being.

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