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Barbara Autio: A 2019 6 Who Care award winner.

Congratulations to Barbara Autio who was selected as a 2019 NEWS CENTER Maine 6 Who Care award recipient.

MAINE, Maine — Barbara Autio’s love and compassion goes a long way at the Harvest Hills Animal Shelter in Fryeburg, Maine. For over 25 years, Barbara has been creating a warm and loving environment for the homeless animals and community members who visit the shelter. 

As a volunteer, she has been putting to good use her building, gardening, and artistry talents all around the shelter. Not only does she walk the dogs, clean the kennels, feed and train, plus socialize the animals, but Barbara has also put her touch of creativity everywhere you look. 

She has built custom wood doors and gazebos in the outdoor yards. She has created and tends to gorgeous gardens to add a pop of color and happiness to everyone’s day who visits the shelter. Barbara also creates artwork throughout the shelter for animals and humans alike to enjoy. 

When a question or problem arises, Barbara is the go-to for all answers. Barbara’s grace, kindness, and generosity makes all the animals, volunteers, and visitors at the animal shelter feel at ease.