Who inspires you? Do you know a volunteer or agency who is helping to make your community a better place? Nominate them for this year’s 2019 6 Who Care Award.

For 20 years, NEWS CENTER Maine has being honoring volunteers throughout the state with a 6 Who Care award.

6 Who Care is a one of a kind opportunity to honor those volunteers and agencies that make a difference in our community. These volunteers could be neighbors or friends of yours. They build, they teach and they inspire. They are people that go about their day never expecting a thank you for the things they do.

NEWS CENTER Maine partners with United Way of Greater Portland and our sponsors, TD Bank and Dead River Company, to honor the volunteers who see a need in our communities and fill it with care and dedication.

There will be six award winners for the for the 20th anniversary of 6 Who Care.

• Four volunteers will be chosen for a 6 Who Care Award

• One agency will be chosen for our Agency of Distinction Award

• One volunteer will be chosen for our Mary Rines Thompson Award, who epitomizes the spirit of volunteerism.

As a part of the award, winners will receive grant money to give to their favorite non - profit.

Winners will be honored on Monday October 28, 2019 at the 6 Who Care Award Ceremony

Nomination Deadline is 5pm July 19, 2019.

Nomination process for 6 Who Care has closed.