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Linda Bryant: A 2019 2 Those Who Care Award recipient.

Congratulations to Linda Bryant on being chosen as a 2019 2 Those Who Care Award recipient.

MAINE, Maine — Linda Bryant is a force to be reckoned with in the city of Old Town.

 As a member of the Old Town Rotary Club, Linda took it upon herself to find a new place to meet and to organize dinners for every meeting. 

She not only gets the food delivered or helps to cook 48 weeks out of the year, she also organizes setting up and tearing down. An integral part of this service club’s mission, members work on projects like building handicap ramps for those who need them and many other projects for the citizens of Old Town. 

Linda is also the go-to person between the Rotary Club and the Old Town Elementary School.  

She came up with the idea of giving “birthday bags” to students there because some children can’t celebrate because of their families’ economic hardships. Linda solicits the club members a few times a year to help keep the school’s pantry stocked with food and supplies, too. 

Corinna Larsen, a friend of Linda’s said, “Linda and her husband, Clarence open their home, their camp and their hearts to everyone around them. Everyone will agree, we need more Linda's in the world.”