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Windham 'road warriors' still loving life. One day at a time.

The Nickerson family from Windham has been 'Finding their someday' for the last 16 months after selling it all and hitting the road.

For almost a year and a half, 'home' has been ever-changing for the Nickerson family. Corey, Jess, Lily and Leila have spent the last 16 months in an RV, going from place to place. They're currently in Homestead, Florida at the Everglades Outpost animal refuge volunteering..

"Pretty much we closed the loop... we circled the entire United States.... we went from here, back up to Maine, across the top, through Canada, around Alaska, down the West coast, down along the bottom and now we're back here... It's a lot of driving" said Corey and Jess. 

The trip is not all fun and games. The girls still need to get their school work done which Jess says can be a challenge. 

"We have always home schooled the girls but this did change things for us because there really isn't a lot of room for books and such so we have moved to doing a lot more on-line stuff and the girls really like it, it's a little more independent study for them in some areas"

Most of the family's adventures are documented and shared on social media. Their 'Finding Our Someday' YouTube page has thousands of followers. According to the Nickerson's, most of the people who comment wish that they could be doing the same thing, but are happy to follow along.

"I think the thing we hear most often is usually from parents expressing that they're so excited that our girls are getting to have this life experience for however long it may last, it's something that not many kids can experience in their lifetime so for us that's one of the best parts of this.

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