(NEWS CENTER) — Whether it's a 'regular' snowstorm or a 'monster', Thursday is going to be messy for most Mainers.

Gail Rice of Central Maine Power tells NEWS CENTER crews are already getting ready for "all possible weather scenarios". Rice says crews have been contacted and ready to respond but the biggest concern they will be watching are potential strong winds.

NEWS CENTER Maine's Todd Gutner predicted winds as high as 65 mph in Bar Harbor on Thursday.

► All Eyes on the Edge of a Blizzard, GUTNER BLOG

Maine Emergency Management Agency is recommending Mainers prepare before the storm hits instead of reacting after it happens.

Here are 5 tips from Susan Faloon, the public information officer for MEMA.

  1. Have a potential loss of power plan.
  2. Make sure you have a way to travel if necessary,
  3. Make sure you have enough food or water to get through a period of time without power or the ability to get to a store.
  4. Have a plan as to how you will get your information. TV, radio, internet? Make sure you have batteries.
  5. If you are homebound, have a backup plan in place for food delivery, care, etc..

The U.S. National Weather Service is also warning people to look for signs of hypothermia with brutally cold temperatures that have moved in, even canceling school for some students Tuesday.

NWS says people suffering from hypothermia will possibly be confused, shivering, difficulty speaking, sleepiness and stiff muscles.

Warning signs of hypothermia. Ctsy  NWS
Warning signs of hypothermia. Ctsy NWS