(NEWS CENTER Maine)-- Falmouth elementary school has bout 900 kindergarten through 5th graders. The school used to have 2 counselors which is about 450 kids per. The state recommendation is 1 counselor per 350 kids while the national guideline is 1 counselor for every 250. So Falmouth principal Gloria Noyes asked for a 3rd to be added this year, and it was approved.

"If you have the right supports in place you can teach those social skills and have that added support in place to prevent what could be bigger behavioral issues" said Noyes.

Brianna Deroche is in her first year as a counselor in Falmouth after 6 years in other districts. She understands that some people don't understand the need for kids that young to need a counselor, but adds the times are not like they used to be.

"They're living lives that I didn't have to do active shooter drills and those are things that they feel and they have a lot of fear around and then they have the day to day things" said Deroche.