PORTLAND, Maine — Family and couples therapist Hannah Kazilonis says internet safety goes beyond passwords and not talking to strangers.

"It’s about, I think especially for parents and kids, knowing what’s going on there, having open conversations with your kids, and your teens about their experience on the internet," Kazilonis says.

In her practice at Manifest Maine, Kazilonis says the internet is a massive factor in the lives of the teens she sees.

"From having a kid that’s being cyber-bullied and the kids not comfortable talking to their parents about it, to sleep-deprived teens who are just so drawn into their phones and their apps all night," said Kazilonis.

If you want to find out more about your kids internet habits, Kazilonis says you’ve got to meet them at their level.

"I remember very clearly as a teenager about not wanting to be lectured, it was not effective, in fact I would often do the opposite. And so I think it’s much more about learning or just making time to spend with your kids and doing things they want to do."