(NEWS CENTER Maine)-- The National Auto Body Council's recycled ride program has been around for more than a decade and has given away more than 1000 cars to people in need. Gray- New Gloucester grad Ryan Taylor is now one of those beneficiaries. Ryan, who has Autism and a full time job as the I.T. person at Strive, now has a dependable way to get back and forth to work. Geico donated a damaged car, Portland Collision fixed it up.

"As part of that he has to go back and forth between locations and sometimes when he has to go and buy a printer or something he will actually take it on a bus, so this will open up a whole new world to him" said Peter Brown of Strive.

"It's changed my life" said Ryan. "because it will be more dependable and I can get to and from work without the worry of it breaking down"

For more information on the recycled ride program, click here: https://www.nationalautobodycouncil.org/programs/recycled-rides/