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Protecting 'Prime Day' deliveries from thieves

Police in North Yarmouth said there was a recent rash of stolen packages.

(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- People all over Maine received packages order on the unofficial internet holiday 'Amazon Prime Day' and police said thieves may be eyeing what arrives at people's doorsteps as more deliveries arrive.

Police in North Yarmouth said there was a recent rash of stolen packages.

Kelley Holland said multiple people in her family order from Amazon, about three times a week, totaling hundreds of dollars arriving at her home each week. She said her husband usually works from home, and is able to bring packages in when they arrive, but that her family is no stranger to theft from their home.

"We actually had our car stolen out of our driveway," said Holland.


Police urge people to have anyone at home or next door take care of your package as soon as it gets delivered, and track the package with notifications if possible.

"Sometimes you drive by and you can see three or four packages that have just been delivered," said Yarmouth Police Chief Michael Morrill. "The vendors are pretty good about if it's a smaller package trying to slide it under a porch or stair that's out of sight, but that doesn't always happen -- sometimes the package is in plain view. "

Mail carriers estimate they dropped off hundreds of packages during the unofficial internet holiday, with more purchases arriving at homes over the next two days.

Holland said she often taps neighbors to pick up her deliveries, as well as using notifications.

"So you know it's coming, so you know to look out for it and if you come home and it's not there, then there's a problem," said Holland.

Police also recommend having your package sent to an alternative location, like your work... or picking it up from the post office. They also say putting up cameras around your home can deter thieves.

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