(NEWS CENTER Maine)-- Drew Woody has been at rock bottom and is working his way up. After living in his car for more than a year and a half, Woody finally took some friends' advice and reached out to the Preble Street resource center.

"I have always heard negative things about the resource center, never anything positive and then I got in there and realized that's not right... That place is pretty fantastic.." said Moody..

Drew's caseworker is Eden Silverthorne.

"Eden has completely turned my son and my lives around. She helped me get housing, she helped me redo my resume and 4 months later, living in a great apartment, doing a lot better and things have just turned upside down because of the resource center"

Andrew Bove, the Director of the Preble Street Resource Center says success stories like this one help reiterate to the overworked and under-compensated staff that the work they do, matters.

"I don't think they truly realize how important the work is they are doing or how much impact it can have on one person" Bove added.