PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) — A new chapter began Thursday for a decades-old building in Maine's largest city. The online auction for the Time & Temperature Building in Portland was scheduled to end at 1:30 p.m. Instead, as last-minute bids rolled in, the auction was extended in increments of a few minutes at a time, until just before 2:00 p.m.

$9.3 million was the final bid listed on the real Insight Marketplace website before it was removed to instead read, "sold."

Built in 1924 it's a classical revival building and one of Portland's tallest buildings.

"It has an amazing interior space," says Julie Ann Larry, Director of Advocacy for Greater Portland Landmarks.

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"I have some personal memories of going there," Larry said. "One of the great memories I have of it is that the mail shoots are still in the building."

"I love the Time & Temperature Building," said Mary Zarate. "It's iconic."

Mary Zarate owns Z Fabrics located inside the Time & Temperature Building. She and others hope the new owner can revitalize the property to its former glory.

The winner of the online auction, which started Tuesday, was not immediately announced.