(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Friday the 13th. It brings bad vibes for the superstitious. But there's no bad juju for this girl on this day.

It's National French Fry Day.

We went on a little tour dropping some fried spud knowledge on a few Mainers.

Did you know...

According to Reuters, a 2010 statistic shows Belgium eats more fries than any other country in the world, with each person eating an average of 165 lbs. per year. I identify with Belgians.

Pour one out for Thomas Jefferson, because it's believed he brought the almighty French fry to America while serving as the American ambassador to France. He penned one of the first French fry recipes in the early 1800s, according to Mental Floss.

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A graphic from Food Republic ranks at least 18 types of fries. Smiley fries/potatoes are appropriately ranked LAST.

If you regularly get a medium fry from McDonald's (just me?), you have to do some serious cardio to burn it off. Mobile Cuisine says 58 minutes of cycling, 90 minutes of bowling or 47 minutes of high impact aerobics will do the trick.

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The world's longest curly fry was found at an Arby's restaurant, according to Huffington Post, and it measured 38 INCHES LONG.

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Got any favorite fry spots in Maine? Email me: kattey.ortiz@gmail.com