FREEPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It takes a special person to make it to 100, and an extraordinary person to make it past that.

Dorris Farrar is originally from Bar Harbor but now lives at a home in Freeport.
She is 111 years old.

Dorris, wearing a shirt that read “It’s Good to Be Queen,” didn't skip a beat when she got a special visit from Maine Senator Angus King Friday.

“You're very handsome,” Dorris told Senator King, as her nurses erupted in laughter. “Oh good! I'll tell my wife you said that,” he responded.

Dorris was born in Bar Harbor, and has lived to meet her great great grandchildren.

“It's just kind of amazing,” said Senator King. “And she's alert and funny. And I just said, 'I want to meet Maine's oldest resident.'” He learned about Dorris after he met her doctor.

Dorris is a bit hard of hearing, and says her sight is starting to go. “My eyes are starting to not be as good as they had been,” she said. While her vision may not be as good as it once was, she's making sure she captures every sight she sees. Dorris carries around a digital camera and takes pictures constantly.

A century of life hasn't dimmed Dorris's wit. When she was presented with an early Christmas present from Senator King, an American flag that flew over the US capitol building, the first thing she noticed was that they spelled her name wrong on the certificate.

Senator King made the quick fix, and whipped out a Sharpie to add the extra “r.”

That sass, Doris says, is her key to a long life. “Take pride in it, and holler, and whistle,” she said.
Senator King says she’s taught him a lesson he can bring to Washington: a good attitude. “I think what you learn from Doris is attitude,” he said. “Just be positive. It's hard to imagine someone that's been around well over 100 years and is so positive and bright, and she's having fun with life.”

“I have to put up with whatever it is,” Dorris said. “I'll just have to take it on the chin.”