CAP-HAITIEN, Haiti (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Mainers working Haiti reacted to President Trump's alleged comments regarding Haiti and other countries in which the President reportedly used an expletive.

President Trump tweeted Friday, denying that he spoke that way.

Multiple lawmakers attending the meeting insisted the President disparaged the countries.

Still, Mainers working there said the alleged comments were out of touch.

Dr. Nathan Nickerson is in Portland's sister city, Cap-Haitien, working with the group Konbit Sante, a group of volunteers helping to rebuild the country's medical infrastructure.

"I couldn't believe his statements in terms of being ignorant to the people of Haiti," said Dr. Nickerson. "It's a dangerous thing to conflate people with their government. I don't want to be judged by our own government. Our experience is quite different than what he described."

Nickerson and his colleagues helped build Haiti's second-largest teaching hospital, and said the people who he has worked with are working hard despite extreme poverty and coping with natural disaster, eight years after an earthquake destroyed the island.

The President announced last fall that he would not renew temporary protected status for Haitians living in the U.S. Nickerson said this would be devastating to the people working in America to provide for their family members back home in Haiti.

"Having somebody who is able to help support that is an important thing for many families," said Nickerson. "I think we need to come together and decide what type of nation we want to be. These are watershed moments potentially."

Maine's Congressional delegation blasted the President.

Representative Bruce Poliquin (R - ME 2) said:

"These comments are not helpful at all. There's no place for comments in this state and in our district. I didn't raise my son that way I don't live my life that way. So I just reject all comments that are not helpful and this is certainly one that isn't."