PORTLAND, Maine — Some people in Maine might be familiar with the name Sydney Choate. Most likely from her days running around the soccer field as a Richmond Bobcat or a member of the Southern Maine Community College Seawolves. But now, people across the world are learning Sydney's name, thanks to a new music video with a powerful and important message.

The 23-year old from Richmond is part of the band Dacav. One of the songs they wrote in less than 24 hours is called "Let's take a walk" and the theme is anti-bullying.

"In high school, I tried to start an anti-bullying team. So it was always something I believed in" said Sydney.

Not only did Sydney star in the song and the video, she was also the director. "Let's take a walk" is being talked about across the country and has generated the most response by far, of any song the group has had.

"Because it is real, and it's every day and it's everywhere... It is something that most people can relate to. Even if there isn't physical bullying, there is mean behavior... in schools, workplaces, everyday situations, and there is no need for it... We can all just be kind to each other" Sydney said.