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Maine woman opens home to senior dogs

"For me, I just love animals. That's where my heart is."

NORTH YARMOUTH, Maine — With low adoption rates, it can be challenging to find forever homes for older dogs. Or sometimes an owner falls ill or passes away, leaving behind a four-legged friend. That's where a North Yarmouth woman is stepping in to help -- creating a retirement home for dogs.

"For me, I just love animals. That's where my heart is," said Laurie Dorr.

Dorr added she always wanted to have more animals.

She has an 8-year-old Siberian husky named Toby and a 12-year-old shepherd, Sierra. 

This spring she rescued a third dog, Jewels.

"You know we have a little land here, we have a house, we have a couple of senior dogs ourselves, and I was talking to a friend and thought 'you know I'm going to do it. I'm going to start bringing them in and adopting them,'" she said.

Jewels was the first official rescue for Dorr's non-profit, Finally Home Senior Dog Rescue and Retirement Home.

She doesn't know much about her story, other than she came from Mississippi and she's roughly 11 years old. 

"It's taken about three or four months for her to feel comfortable. And I mean even to do this, roll around on the ground, she's only started doing this the last couple of weeks."

Dorr hopes to eventually welcome as many as 15 dogs; dogs that need a place to call home and due to their old age, require a lot of care.

"Just like all of us the older we get maybe we're not so quick."

Dorr has started fundraising efforts, but right now she's paying for everything from food to vet bills.

With an open space and heart, she's ready to provide a place for pets to enjoy their final years.

"Sometimes there just seems like so many causes out there, but if you just pick one or two and just do what you can, that's great."

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