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Maine family wants help identifying WWII soldiers

After finding a tin containing their dad's film from his time in World War II, a Maine family is searching for some names to go with the hundreds of pictures.

BIDDEFORD, Maine — Richard Perkins passed away in 2014 when he was 92 years old. While going through his things, his children stumbled upon a historical collection.

"When I started looking at the negatives to see what they were, we realized it was dad's pictures he had taken when he was in the Army and stationed in Hawaii. He was sent over right after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he was sent over in 1942." said Dana Perkins, Richard's son.

There were more than 700 pictures and dozens of films. Instead of keeping the personal keepsakes 'personal', the family decided to put together a website and start a search.


"The response has been overwhelming," says Perkins who is trying to identify as many people in the pictures as possible.

"I am thinking if these people are important to dad, that's what makes them important to us. Since there are 100's of photos, I am sure a lot of families would want to see these pictures, in some cases, it could be the only photo that they've got"