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Maine DOT wants your funny slogans

(NEWS CENTER Maine) Signs like 'You and I just click, love, your seatbelt.' Or '87 is Gronk's number *not* the speed limit.' Those are just a couple of examples of entertaining yet informative signs that the Maine Department of Transportation has been using for the last year or so. Now you have a chance to 'get in the game.'

The D.O.T. wants the public to submit ideas for the next creative safety sign. For the next two weeks, you can go to the department's website and submit your entry. Prizes will be given to the chosen slogans and remember, be appropriate, be funny, and safety first.

"Safety has to be part of the message, but there's no need to wag your finger at people anymore... drive safely or don't drink and drive.. those are messages that we maybe want to expand on, and have a little bit of fun. Folks can be funny but still get the message across and if people are focusing on the message, then we have done our job" said Ted Talbot, press secretary for the D.O.T.

To enter, click here: http://maine.gov/mdot/