LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- When students walk into Lewiston Middle School the message will be clear. No cell phones allowed. Non-negotiable. Period.

"Kids at this age and stage of their life are not able to appropriately use social media and reflect on what they say in a timely manner that they should, so we're taking that obstacle away altogether."

Principal Jana Mates says the staff has been looking for some way to stop the bullying and basic mistreatment of people that have taken over the school the past couple of years. This cell phone ban is step number one.

"We're going to be united that we are going to bring some kindness back into this building, and the whole face-to-face communication which has been missing the past couple of years."

If a child is caught using their cell phone, the first time will result in a verbal warning, the second time the phone will be taken away for the day. After the third time, the phone will be taken away and only a parent can come pick it up.