TOTAL: 42,700
TUESDAY: 18,000
MONDAY: 14,000

(NEWS CENTER) -- Members of the law enforcement community from across New England came to Maine Wednesday to visit a sick little boy who loves police cars. Roughly 100 different cars and motorcycles caravanned in front of the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital for all of the kids to see.

Then some members of the law enforcement community came up to visit with Jacob for a few minutes.

"It's phenomenal, because of course I have always thought he was special.. And now the world knows he is special.. He has brought a lot of positive to other people and reminded them that this is the time for giving and sharing" said Michelle Simard, Jacob's mother.

9-year-old Jacob Thompson from Saco is battling stage 4 Neuroblastoma, and his family will be celebrating Christmas this weekend to make sure he gets to experience that at least one more time.

The Stoughton, Massachusetts Police Department heard about Jacob’s story --and his love for police cars -- and organized a law enforcement caravan from Massachusetts to Maine Medical Center in Portland.

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Dozens of police cars will circle in front of Maine Medical Center Wednesday afternoon as a salute to Jacob and all of the patients at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.


Law enforcement vehicles from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine are all expected to take part in the procession.

One of Jacob's last wishes is to get Christmas cards, and all over the nation have responded. Jacob has received tens of thousands of cards from all over the world.