Lewiston (NEWS CENTER Maine)-- Throughout everyone's life there are moments that are good and moments that are maybe not so good. A little girl from Lewiston has experienced a pretty low, low, followed by a pretty high, high recently.

In May of 2017, 9-year old Kayden Boilard and her parents had started a food pantry out of their home to help those in need. About 20 months after the pantry opened, they were set to move it out of their home and into a physical location- 906 Lisbon Street.

But on Wednesday morning, 2 weeks before the new store's opening, the Boilard's woke to the news that the building their pantry occupied had caught fire.

"You know we had two options, either quit or pick ourselves up and move forward. It was a pretty easy decision as a family" said Kevin Boilard.

Despite the setback, Kayden stayed positive. "I didn't think we would give up just because my dad doesn't give up on these things. I knew we would probably just transfer stuff to our house and start over again"

There is already a new location for Kaydenz Kitchen and the dream of a physical location outside of their home for the pantry will soon be a reality. To learn more, click here: