SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — There is a company that offers a unique approach to treating people with addiction and it has just started to practice in Maine.

Aware Recovery Care has been around for 8 years and has branches in Connecticut, New Hampshire and now Maine. 

It's an In-home Addiction Treatment program that is based on research that supports the idea that recovery in the "real-world" leads to far better rehab results. The company claims that it's 52 week in home treatment program promotes lasting recovery, improves outcomes, and increases the patient's overall physical and psychological well-being.  If you sign up for the program your team consists of an Addiction Psychiatrist, a Licensed Specialty Care Coordinator, a Family Wellness Liaison, A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, an Individual Therapist, and two Certified Recovery Advisers.

Aware Recovery Care is an in-network provider for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maine, and an out of network provider for a number of other major insurers, so reimbursement is determined by the type of the out of network benefit plan.