PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- If you have a boat in the water, preparing for Thursday's weather is a must. Lobstermen who still go out this time of year to pull traps are getting ready for strong winds.

Greg Griffin has been in the business 38 years. He says he hasn't been out on the water since Christmas Eve, so making sure his boat fires up without a problem ahead of the storm, is his main concern.

I'm trying to start my engine for the first time since we got hit with this tremendous cold snap. I need to know that I can come down aboard the boat and start this engine on short notice during this storm in case someone needs help or if I need to move this boat.

Griffin has about five hundred traps out in the water. He says they should be safe because they are out in deep enough water that they won't get battered around as they would in shallow water close to shore.

Ice can cause major damage to boats left in the water year-round. Griffin says it can wreak havoc when the winds pick up.

Those ice packs could start to come in here and jam this boat and if that wind drives big thick heavy ice in under my boat it could clean out my rudder it could damage my propellor, it could strip the keel pipe off the bottom of the boat.