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Humane Society of Waterville needs help to stay open

Waterville (NEWS CENTER Maine)-- The Humane Society of Waterville services 24 different communities. The shelter opened back in 1970 but is struggling to stay open. So much so that unless money can be raised quickly, the place that has more than 2000 animals come through it's doors every year, may be forced to close those doors.

"It needs money and it's unfortunate that it's gotten to this point" says Lisa Oakes who is the leader of the board of directors.

The 'want' is for around 250,000 dollars to be raised over the next year, the more immediate need is anything and everything. The facility is only 11 years old but needs to be updated in some places and repaired in others. This shelter services 22 communities and has about 2000 animals a year coming through the door and a placement rate of 97-percent..

"We have raised at least $3000 just with donations from individuals on Facebook or on PayPal, the support we have gotten from this community has been tremendous" added Oakes.

If you want to help the shelter out, click here: http://hswa.org/shelter-wish-list/

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