FOXBOROUGH (NEWS CENTER) -- A special guest at the Patriots home opener did not have a warm welcome from fans. At all.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell returned to Gillette Stadium for the first countable game since 2015, the year of DeflateGate, and he was met with fans armed with towels splattered with his face as a clown.

The teal towels were a call to action from Barstool Sports, the popular sports blog founded in Boston with an infamous disdain for the commissioner.

Dubbed #OperationClownFace, at least 70,000 towels made their way to Foxborough. Barstool relied heavily on volunteers to hand them out to fans, even giving them strict instructions: fans needed to show their game ticket for a towel.

Barstool's goal? To have 70,000 Goodell clown faces staring back at him. They say they dropped $140,000 to do it.

And it worked.

Barstool called Operation Clown Face a complete success as the towels raised in the first half.