BANGOR (NEWS CENTER Maine) — It’s every high school band kid’s dream to be a "jukebox hero." For Gardiner high school choir singers, that dream came true when they sang onstage Friday, June 15th with famous ‘80s rock band Foreigner.

The group entered a contest last-minute and, much to its surprise, won. Playing at the Darling’s Waterfront Pavillion in front of 10,000 is a little different than their typical show in front of 100 people in the school gym.

Backstage, the kids were all nerves — nervous for a great performance, and nervous to honor a late friend.

Tabby Hembree, 16, was killed in a car accident on the first day of school. She would’ve been singing on stage with all of her friends. To honor her, the kids traveled to all of their shows with her saxophone, and wore pins on their shirts in her favorite color.

"It was like a proud dad moment,” said director David Walker, who also has two kids in the choir.

After the kids joined Foreigner for a performance of "I Want To Know What Love Is," the band’s lead singer said they were perfect examples of why you should invest in your local music programs.