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'Finding the Pieces' summer campers find support

All sorts of summer camps are in full swing right now, but there's one in Biddeford that helps provide peace of mind for families touched by autism.

BIDDEFORD, Maine — 'Finding the Pieces' is a two-week camp that's free of charge.

It's a collaborative effort from the University of New England, City of Biddeford, and the Autism Society of Maine.

What makes this camp unique is that there is one counselor for every camper.

That one on one support is necessary for many children with autism, and parents say can be hard to find.

"This camp started about three years ago, and it really came from a family who had a son with autism where he gets summer services through the school year, but that ends at the very beginning of August," said Audrey Bartholomew, Chair of the Education Department at UNE. "So there's a gap where students don't have much going on."

The counselors are completing part of an internship program at the University of New England.