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Do you hear what I hear? Yanny vs. Laurel

(NEWS CENTER Maine)-- Did you know that the month of May is better speech and hearing month? It could be useful information as many people probably spent a good part of their last 24 hours either looking for your own hearing to be tested or suggesting that others do. It's all due to Yanny-vs-Laurel Mania.

It all started with a relatively innocuous tweet from Cloe Feldman. Feldman did not come up with this 'test' she came across it, then tweeted it, and the rest is internet gold.

I went to Northeast Hearing & Speech to chat with audiologists Jamie Healy and Hannah Millstine about how two people could listen to the same audio but hear two very different things.

"There's a little high frequency difference between the two so if you have maybe better hearing for high frequencies you would probably tend to hear Yanni where if you had high frequency loss, mild or moderate, you may hear Laurel" said Healy.

Millstine added, "There was some proof out there that Laurel is the original word, the original recording is Laurel and there is a high frequency overlay that got put on to make Yanni. Basically you are listening to two words being said at once"