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Boob t-shirts and the woman who got them yanked from the shelves

One Maine woman was shocked when she sifted through the shelves at family friendly Marden's in Scarborough. What she found: t-shirts covered in lewd images of women.

SCARBOROUGH (NEWS CENTER Maine) - Maybe you shouldn't have bought it when you saw it at Marden's - that's the message being shared by one Maine woman and an army of Facebook commenters.

Jenny Tuemmler was shocked and disappointed as she sifted through the shelves at Marden's in Scarborough, only to discover t-shirts with lewd, sexual images of women.

"Offensive," she said. "I was sort of surprised."

Tuemmler took to Facebook to air her concerns - generating nearly 100 comments in agreement.

She also spoke to management both at the store and over the phone. In response to her complaints, Marden's took the shirts off its shelves.

"It’s sexualizing women, which is a problem that we are seeing now more and more. I think it needs to stop," Tuemmler said.

Craig Burgess, the General Manager of Scarborough Marden's, sent NEWS CENTER Maine a statement, saying:

As a surplus and salvage business, we often buy complete retail store stocks and do not have the ability to select what items are included in those stocks. At times this process may result in products that are potentially not family friendly landing on our sales floor. If this does happen, we will make every effort to remedy the situation and remove the products from our sales floor promptly.

Tuemmler said on Facebook that she was happy to see Marden's take action by removing the shirts.