KENNEBEC COUNTY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A loud noise and come shaking has a lot of people scratching their heads.

Hundreds have taken to Facebook to find out what happened in Kennebec County around 9 PM on Sunday.

Jan Jaramillo of Hallowell says she heard a very loud boom and felt her house shake. It sent her dogs into a frenzy and prompted one of her kids to ask, "Is this the end of the world?"

State police say several calls came in, but they have yet to determine what caused the noise. Officers called the FAA to see if any planes had crashed, checked for earthquake activity and monitored fire station frequencies, but didn't find anything.
Coincidentally, police say, some other loud events did take place that same evening. Two 1,000 pound propane tanks exploded in Pittsfield, but that's 45 miles away from the towns and cities where the complaints were coming from, so police have ruled that out.
There was also an issue at a CMP substation in Augusta Sunday night, leaving thousands without power. CMP's Gail Rice says it's possible there was a loud noise when one of their devices failed, but it's highly unlikely that it was loud enough to be heard several miles away.
Theories as to what could have happened have been popping up, including everything from sonic booms to aliens.
According to state geologist Robert G. Marvinney, one theory you can rule out is a cryoseism, or icequake. That's a seismic event caused by the sudden cracking of frozen soil or rock that's saturated with water or ice. Marvinney says icequakes do happen, but the conditions last night were not right for one.