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A community of people trying to help others, needs a community of help

Camden (NEWS CENTER Maine)-- The Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition had a deal in place to purchase 63 Washington Street in Camden and convert it into a recovery residence for women. The agreement did leave room for the nonprofit owners to accept other offers prior to the scheduled March 31st closing and that scenario became reality just over a week ago. Now, the coalition needs to raise about 160,000 by January 2nd or the property will be gone.

"There's just nowhere for women to go and be able to support one another... A group setting would be amazing, would have been amazing for me.. to be in a group setting to support one another in recovery who could guide me along the way" said Jasmin Pike a recovery advocate. Pike added, "I feel like it could be years before we find another situation like this. This is crucial. This is absolutely, there are women including myself who still do not have adequate housing with their kids. This is something that can save lives, absolutely can."

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