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11-year old Mainer 'drafted' by UNE football team

Biddeford (NEWS CENTER Maine)-- 11 year old Scott Carignan made quite an entrance as the 84th and newest member of the UNE football team. Scottie, was born with Williams syndrome. "Cognitive it's very hard for him... reading, writing, but socially he is off the charts" said his mother Margaret Carignan.

Scottie has skills in all sports, not just football. "I'm a beast at basketball, soccer, track, swim, hockey." he boasted to his 83 new teammates.

Head Coach Mike Lichten got connected to the Cardignan family through the Team Impact program which pairs kids with special needs with college athletic teams. It's just getting started in Maine and the 2 year commitment will be equally beneficial for both Scottie and his new teammates...

"We preach being selfless as a person, being humble, serving your teammates and your communities. The relationship with Scottie is a real life moment able to exhibit those skills and priorities"

Scottie, who said his favorite football team is the Patriots, made friends real fast as he took down an assistant football coach in a game of H-O-R-S-E, talking trash the entire time much to the delight of his extended 'family'.