NEWPORT (NEWS CENTER Maine) – Nokomis Regional High School is likely to join districts across Maine in removing its Native American mascot.

School administrators sent a survey out to the surrounding eight towns that make up the district last week.

The school, originally named after a tribal character, currently uses ‘warriors’ as their mascot.

So far school administrators say community members are opting to keep the name, but change the imagery.

"I think it's the political nature of doing things the correct way and not offending anybody or anything like that,” RSU 19 superintendent Mike Hammer said.

Hammer said it is part of a large transition for the district as they are consolidating its three middle schools and high schools into one $53 million facility.

The RSU 19 School Board has yet to approve the change formally.

Wells-Oqunquit schools were the latest to remove their Native American imagery in June.

“I guess we're just kind of going with the times,” Hammer said.

If the change goes into effect, it leaves Skowhegan Area High School as the only school in the state to keep its tribal mascot.